QD/QD Plus is an UI design tool. Has QD, allowing users to significantly reduce labor costs, product ahead of the market, reduce the cost of the MCU.

About Us
About Shang Hai ZhuLi electronic Co.,Ltd.
QD/QD Plus is our main product. Nowadays, Hundreds of custom are using this QD/QD Plus tool to disign UI.
If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at lq@shzldz.com If you find bugs of QD, please send an email to lq

What should you do is…

After purchase our product ,you need to provide personal information, including your company name,e-mail,your name and address(receive softdog).
We will e-mail QD to you,  express the softdog to you .
Please send us your enquiries to lq
@shzldz.com when you need any technical support. It’s also our pleasure to receive your e-mail if you have any good advice.




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